South West Fishing for Life





July 15th SWFFL we hosted  a cookery day at Wimbleball lake  with celeberaty chef Ryan Riley from Life Kitchen.  He demonstrated recipes for people who have had cancer treatments and struggle with enjoying food again. It was a very enjoyable day and evryone learnt something about taste!

The Cornwall/Siblyback groups lead coach has had to retire due to his health.We ar hoping to find a replacement.



We are always looking for Level 2 coaches to help with the growing groups and volunteers to make cups of tea and chat with people. If you would like to get involved please contact  Patrick Chairman  ,  Sally fishing co-ordinator  or Gillian -secretary   Thank you..









Testimonials about South West Fishing for Life


From Jane Young-SWFFL was my lifesaver after diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.Through SWFFL I became me again and not a cancer patient! I learned new skills and made many new lovely friends.

Jane Young

From Jill King - Did I want a new adventure? Ah well; I have always been ready to have a go at something new. Fishing sounded a bit slow for me after a hectic life as a farmer-but why not ? My introduction was through that lovely person Gillian Payne who was more than helpful and encouraging - so I joined the ‘group’

Well, who would have thought it, the fish took the bait and I was caught in more ways than one. The ease into fishing was something special. It takes your mind off other thoughts and worries and launches you into a world of expectation and mind blowing concentration and time just flies by. I look forward to each of our meetings with like-minded people, making new friends with something new to talk about and get excited about. Out in the fresh air, beautiful surroundings, easy to do not using a lot of energy either, and you can sit or stand and just wait until you catch your first fish! Indoors there’s learning to tie flies, films and a social get-together fantastic.

I have to thank everyone involved who help to run the group and who put so much kindness and energy into taking care of us all when we are together.

Jill King


From Jenny Harris - If you had asked me in the summer of 2007 if I would pick up a fishing rod and go fly fishing at the beginning of the next season, the answer would have been categorically NO, but in January 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I thought my life had come to an end. Whilst visiting the Breast Care Clinic at Musgrove Park Hospital, I came across the leaflet advertising Taster Days for fly fishing at Wimbleball Lake for SWFFL, and with encouragement from my husband, decided to give it a go.

I know that all the ladies enjoy getting together once a month, when we can forget about our daily routine. It is our time to be in the fresh air, our time to think about ourselves, have a laugh and to know that we can talk about our experiences with others if we want to, and you never know, even come home with a trout or two for supper.

Jenny Harris


From Charlotte-I can't tell you the real boost your wonderful organization has provided in enabling me to step out of my life for a while and be spoilt doing something I had forgotten how much I love.


From Jennie-a soul finding experience.