South West Fishing for Life




The Cornwall group will be starting up again on the 15th April 10am-1pm..

Group number 9 was launched on the 6th September- The North Devon, group  meet at Blakewell fishery nr Barnstaple. EX3 4ET from 2pm -4pm please contact Gillian if you wish to come and join the group, 1st Wednesday of the month.. 01398 371244


Mrs Brown Boys TV programme showed a copy of our cook book!. 

Mrs Brown uses the SWFFL cookery book, we have still got copies for sale!.


We are always looking for Level 2 coaches to help with the growing groups and volunteers to make cups of tea and chat with people. If you would like to get involved please contact  Patrick Chairman  ,  Sally fishing co-ordinator  or Gillian -secretary   Thank you..









 Events at South West Fishing For Life 2018

Address’s for the lakes where the groups meet

Wimbleball Lake,

                     Brompton Regis, Dulverton. TA22 9NU
We meet at the lecture room by the offices in the fishing season & at Holworthy farm in winter. TA22 9NY

Kennick Lake, Devon
Near Bovey Tracey, Devon
 EX6 7NZ.
We meet in the lodge by the lake side.

Cornwall group will now meet at Innis Fly Fishery,Innis Moor, Penwithick,St. Austall. PL26 8YH                  

Blagdon lake  Bristol

 which is  next to the Visitor Centre BS40 7UN, we meet in the lodge.

Pennines-North West/Bolton Curleys fishery Bolton, BL6 6PP     

Ask at the tackle shop/office by the FFL banner where we are.

Dorset Group

The Wrackleford Estate fishery Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 9SN

loucesterG  Gloucester/Worcester group

The Lenches lakes

WR11 4UB

Lechlade & Bushyleaze Trout Fisheries

Lechlade,Gloucester. GL7 3QQ

We meet in the main lodge during wiinter and at Bushyleaze to fish.

Hawkridge Resevoir group

Spaxton, Somerset. TA5 1AL

North Devon group

Blakewell Fishery, nr Barnstaple. EX31 4ET




For start times please look on each groups page or contact the Lead coach or secretary Gillian

January 2018

3rd Wednesday North Devon group 10am-1pm and an afternoon session. CANCELLED due to weather forecast.

7th Wimbleball  To be held at Holworthy farm  10am -12.30pm TA22 9NY ring Gillian for directions 01398371244 

14th Kennick- ring lead coach to see where they are meeting.

14th Hawkridge contact 01398 371244 to see where thay are meeting.

14th Gloucester/Worcester Lechlade Fly tying  in the Corporate Suite/meeting room 10am-1pm

20th Dorset -Salthouse West Bay Fly tying-SATURDAY, change of day and date this month

21st Cornwall group is on hold at the due to poorly lead coach 

21st Pennines/ North West -Bolton  PM

27th Blagdon Contact lead coach to see where they are meeting.


4th Wimbleball at Holworthy

7th Wednesday- North Devon group

11th Kennick-ring to see where meeting.
 11th Salthouse West Bay- Fly tying.

11th  GloucesterWorcester-Lechlade-Fly tying in the Corporste suite/meeting room.

11th Hawkridge 

18th Cornwall group -Innis Fly fishery

18th Dorset-Wrackleford-Fishing

18th Pennines/North West-Bolton

24th Blagdon ring Lead coach to see where meeting.




   113th1 4th Wimbleball group meet at Exe bridge Fishery from 10-12 noon

7th Wednesday North Devon 

11th Kennick -FISHING

11th Hawkridge-1pm-4pm FiSHING

11th Gloucester/Worcester- Lenches lakes-Fishing 10am-1pm

18th Cornwall-Cancelled

18th Pennines/North West-Bolton

18th Dorset-Wrackleford FISHING

24th Blagdon Saturday FISHINg


8th Wimbleball meet at the lecture room/fishing CHANGE OF DATE DUE TO EASTER

8th Kennick

8th Hawkridge

8th Gloucester/Worcester- Fishing -Bushyleaze 10am -1pm

15th Cornwall-This group willl be meeting again from now on-10am-1pm

15th Pennines/North West-Bolton

15th Dorset-Wrackleford

28th Blagdon-Saturday


2nd  Wednesday North Devon

6th  Wimbleball

13th Kennick

13th Hawkridge

13h Gloucester/Worcester--Lenches lakes 10am-1pm

20th Cornwall group-Innis fly fishery

20th  Pennines/North West-Bolton

20th  Dorset-Wrackleford

26th Blagdon-saturday



3rd  Wimbleball 10th Anniversary

6th Wednesday-North Devon

10th Kennick

10th Hawkridge

10th Gloucester/Worcester- Bushyleaze- 10am -1pm

17th Cornwall group-Innis fly fishery 
17th Pennines/North West-Bolton

17th Dorset-Wrackleford

23rd Blagdon-saturday



1st Wimbleball.

4th Wednesday-North Devon

8th Kennick

8th Hawkrige

8th Gloucester/Worcester--Lenches lakes 10am-1pm

15th Cornwall group-Innis fishery-

15th Penines/North West-Bolton

15th Dorset-Wrackleford
28th Blagdon-saturday




5th Wimbleball 

8th Wednesday- North Devon

12th Kennick

12th Hawkridge

 12th Gloucester-Worcester- Bushyleaze -10am-1pm

19th Cornwall group-Innis fly fishery.

19th Dorset-Wrackleford  

19th  Pennines/North West-Bolton

25th Blagdon-saturday


2nd Wimbleball

5th Wednesday- North Devon

9th Kennick

9th Hawkridge

9th Gloucester/Worscester-Lenches lakes 10am-1pm

16th Cornwall group-Innis fly fishery

16th Pennines/North Wets-Bolton

16th Dorset-Wrackleford

22rd  Blagdon-saturday



3rd Wedneesday-North Devon

7th Wimbleball   Last fishing day

14th Kennick       .

14th Hawkridge

14th Gloucester/Worcester-Bushyleaze-10am-1pm

21st Cornwall group-Innis fly fishery

21st Dorset -Wrackleford       Last fishing day

21st Pennines/North West-Bolton

27th Blagdon     



4th Wimbleball- Fly tying  and AGM at Holworthy farm, close to the lake TA22 9NY

4th Gloucester/Worcester- Fly tying 10am-1pm  CHANGE OF DATE THGIS MONTH

7th Wednesday- North Devon -at Balkewell fishery 2-4pm

11th Kennick- fishing from the bank. This group is now going to meet during the winter for fly tying, check www for where!

11th Hawkridge

18th Cornwall group-Innis fly fishery-

18th Dorset-Salthouse West Bay-Fly tying

18th Pennines-North West-Bolton

24th Blagdon-saturday



2nd Wimbleball at Holwortyhy farm TA22 9NY

5th North Devon -at Balkewell fishery 2-4pm


9th Kennick- Check with lead Mike where they are meeting this month.

9th Hawkridge

9th Gloucester/Worcester-Lechlade -Fly tying-Corporate Suite/meeting room

16th  Pennines-North West -Bolton.

16th Cornwall group-Innis fly fishery-

16th Dorset

 22nd Blagdon-saturday




Wimbleball starts at 10 am - 1pm,   Kennick starts  10 am-1pm , Cornwall group 10am-1pm. Blagdon meets 10 am - 1 pm on a Saturday the other groups on Sunday, Dorset 9am-1pm, Gloucester/Worcester 10 am-1pm Hawkridge 1pm-4pm

All groups finish with refreshments.

The fishing season is from April-October. Winter the groups still meet for fly tying and talks on how to catch fish!

If you would like to come to any of the days please ring Gillian on 01398 371244